Gulf Weekly – Golden Investment Opportunity

Thu 16 Apr 2015

Fancy living in a far off land where there are miles of sandy beaches, golden plains and mountains, vibrant cosmopolitan cities and a rich heritage?

Star Real Estate is aiming to make that dream a reality by partnering up with Portuguese property specialists, Tamea International. Together, they are introducing Portugal’s Golden Visa programme which offers property investors from non-European countries the chance of permanent residence.

Tariq El-Asad, Tamea International’s managing director, said: “Portugal has a lot to offer. It is an incredibly beautiful country, both naturally and architecturally, with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene.

“The climate and the cuisine are Mediterranean and English is widely spoken. Beaches across the whole country are stunning and Lisbon is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, although people are starting to catch on.”

Launched in 2012, the Golden Visa programme not only permits people to live and work there but also gives them the freedom to travel throughout the Schengen area. After five years of residency applicants are eligible to apply for a citizenship.

The most popular route to obtaining the Golden Visa is to invest €500,000 (around BD200,000) into real estate and Tamea International will offer a turn-key service which includes sourcing suitable properties, providing legal assistance and processing the relevant paperwork in Portugal.

A key feature is that the Golden Visa can also be extended to immediate family members, entitling the main applicant, as well as his or her spouse and any children under 18, to apply.

Mr. El-Asad said: “I grew up in Bahrain and I’m aware of the difficulties that people often experience arranging travel to Europe. Imagine being able to buy a holiday home that allows you and your family the chance to travel around Europe freely and gives you the chance to generate an income. Portugal’s Golden Visa does exactly that.

“Because Golden Visa holders are required to spend just seven days in Portugal per year it’s not at all a disruptive process. Our clients can continue with their lives in the Gulf or anywhere-else in the world whilst still enjoying the benefits.”

Read the full article by May Al-Khatib Camille here.


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