Portugal Is (Still) One of The Countries in Europe Where It Is Cheaper To Buy a House

Wed 3 Oct 2018

Buying a house with about 120 square meters (m2) in Portugal costs an average €3,830 per m2 – the same as last year and much less than the average of Europe (€6,157 per m2). Portugal ranks 19th amongst other 38 European countries.


According to the study by the Association of Professionals and Companies of Real Estate Mediation of Portugal (APEMIP), which is based on data from the international real estate portal Property Guide, Portugal remains, in this way, one of the countries in Europe where it is cheaper buy a house. It should be noted that only the prices per m2 of real estate with about 120 m2 of sellable space located in the centre of main European cities were compared.


"Portugal is following the trend of other European capitals, which is the rise or maintenance of house prices, which are still far below countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain or Germany," said Luís Lima, president of APEMIP.


The leader of the mediators acknowledged, however, that the value of houses per m2 is not adequate for most Portuguese families. And left an alert: "Portugal has entered the route of real estate investment. It is very unlikely that prices in Lisbon or Porto will fall, because these cities are no longer limited to national investment."


You can read the full article in Portuguese here.

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