More and More Brazilians Buy Property in Portugal

Tue 29 Mar 2016

According to the latest report from the Portuguese newspaper, Publico, "More and more Brazilians are buying houses and apartments in Portugal." Many of them are opting to invest in the Lisbon property market to attain Portugal's Golden Visa which provides benefits such as EU residency and free travel within the Schengen Area. Residency can be extended to the whole family and with Lisbon's growing tourism market, investing in a rental property can be a great option to generate further income.


Publico's article points to Brazil's tense political and economic situation as a prime factor in Brazilians' increased investment in Portuguese housing, "Portuguese real estate is assuming a more prominent position on the radar of Brazilian investors, which according to the latest available data is already the second nationality with the largest number (110) of Golden Visas granted. Disillusionment with the political situation, the economy and the lack of prospects in Brazil are some of the main reasons cited by Brazilians to invest abroad. Security, the mild and sunny climate, and the common language and cultural heritage seem to be the reasons that attract them to Lisbon in particular."


Due to this increased demand, Tamea International recently opened an office in Sao Paulo to assist Brazilians looking for property that can qualify as a Golden Visa investment. With increases of 23% in luxury housing values within two years, investing in a Lisbon apartment also makes great financial sense. Contact Tamea International's Brazilian office today.


Read the entire Publico article here. Original article in Portuguese.



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