For Lonely Planet, Yellow is for Lisbon

Sat 12 Dec 2020

The world is filled with bright, vibrant and eye-catching destinations that can make any trip a colourful experience, both literally and figuratively. With that in mind, Lonely Planet is proud to celebrate them in a brand new book called Travel by Color, the first and only travel guide by colour palette, which features 400 stunning photographs of amazing destinations and events across all different shades. From the deep reds of Tambopata National Reserve’s scarlet macaws to the verdant greens of the Peak District’s Rolling Hills, the book charts rich and diverse places to make any traveller feel alive. Here’s a selection that will allow you to travel through every color of the rainbow.

Yellow: Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon’s yellow funiculars are a pleasurable and practical way to explore different areas of the picturesque city of Lisbon, and they sure beat walking up all those steps. Connecting Restauradores Square downtown with Rua San Pedro de Alcántara in Bairro Alto, the Glória Funicular (or Elevador da Glória) is the most popular of the city’s three funiculars and offers astounding views of the surrounding area. As well as what they offer, the vehicles’ distinct, vintage look with their bright yellow exteriors have become iconic.

Other colours include:

Red: Red Square, Moscow, Russia 

Orange: New England, USA 

Green: Kamakura, Japan

Blue: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Indigo: The Sahara 

Violet: Provence, France 

Rainbow: India and Nepal


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Photo by © Martin Lehmann/Shutterstock

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