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Portugal and especially Lisbon have witnessed significant change and rapid growth in the influx of internationals.
They move to Portugal for many reasons, the major one being investment, triggered by the Golden Visa programme introduced by the Portuguese Government in October 2012 to attract foreign investment.

The real estate market has followed and it is booming!
The demand is higher than ever, and the supply is trying to follow.


Where Tamea International fits?

We believe there is space for small, independent, “boutique” real estate consultancy, that can bring added value to clients.

Therefore we believe that the most important and most relevant way to do business is to provide clients with the high-end service with mid- and long-term vision of improving their prospects and lives.


In specific terms, this means:

• Careful selection of properties;

• A tailor-made approach to buyers;

• A long-term vision that assures the long-term satisfaction of our clients, both sellers and buyers;

• Do it good or don’t do it at all;

• Our Commercial team are specially selected professionals who embody the combination of sales tenacity, in-depth understanding of client needs, honest and impartial approach;

• We are not purely profit-oriented, but people-oriented: we do not sell properties only, we sell concepts and opportunities for our clients to better their lives.


How do we market @Tamea?

• We build high-quality listings;

• We encourage high-quality lead conversion with long-lasting impact;

• Taking into account both tangible and intangible aspects of client needs;

• Impartially, honestly, credibly;

• Simply, impactfully, elegantly.

• Leaving a lasting and credible mark on the chaotic and hyped market;


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