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Portugal and especially Lisbon have witnessed significant change and rapid growth in the influx of internationals. They move to Portugal for many reasons, the major one being the investment, triggered by the Golden Visa programme, NHR, short-term rental opportunities, entrepreneurial migration, and lifestyle buyers.


The real estate market has followed and it is booming! All across Lisbon and Portugal, a lot of properties are undergoing development and renovation, making Portugal one of the most attractive markets in Europe. In this hyped environment, real estate business has become attractive, profitable and hugely potent.


The demand is higher than ever, and the supply is trying to keep the pace. Real estate players consist of large development companies, real estate companies engaging in sourcing, selling and renovating properties to home buyers, investors, retirees and others who want to take advantage of the momentum Lisbon and Portugal are at the moment. Therefore, the real estate ecosystem may sometimes seem chaotic, unregulated, aggressive, oriented to quick profits and turnovers. This spills over to major real estate players on the market, who praise themselves being the fastest, most successful, most efficient. In one word - the best.


Where does Tamea International fit?


In this chaotic and hyped environment, we have found there is space for small, independent, “boutique” real estate consultancy, that can bring added value to clients. Therefore, we strive to provide clients with the high-end service with mid- and long-term vision of improving their prospects and lives. In specific terms, this means:

  • Careful selection of properties;
  • Tailor-made approach to buyers;
  • A long-term vision that assures the long-term satisfaction of our clients, both sellers and buyers
  • “Do it well or don’t do it at all” approach to business;
  • Our Commercial team is made up of carefully selected professionals who embody the combination of sales tenacity, an in-depth understanding of client needs, and an honest and impartial approach;
  • We are people-oriented: we do not sell properties only, we sell concepts and opportunities for our clients to better their lives.


We are seeking to expand our team in Lisbon with experienced, hard-working professionals.




Who is a Sales Consultant @Tamea?


  • Proven professional experience and the track of successful track record;
  • In-depth knowledge and know-how of the Portuguese real estate market;
  • A professional with a sales mindset, result-oriented, but mindful of human aspects of the real estate business;
  • Strong sales, negotiation and communication skills;
  • Someone with professional experience in real estate sales and customer service;
  • People and real estate lover;
  • An intuitive sales person with a strategic approach to business;
  • A fast learner, agile, dynamic professional and always keen to learn;
  • A professional with relevant real estate professional experience still open to new challenges and able to improve his/her skills within a rapidly growing team;
  • Efficient, effective, with a hands-on approach to tasks, but with an ability to “smooth out the rough edges” when needed;
  • A connector, a liaison between lines of businesses, a professional who can readily “change business hats”;
  • Speaks fluently English and Portuguese. Other languages are a plus;
  • A prudent communicator and a convincing and charismatic presenter;
  • Pleasant and trustworthy;
  • Analytical and synthetical, focused;
  • Sees obstacles as challenges, problem-lover and problem-solver;
  • Persistent, committed, goes the extra mile.
  • MS Office familiarity;
  • CRM software familiarity;


What are a Sales Consultant’s Responsibilities and Tasks @Tamea?


  • Sourcing properties;
  • Develops property listings by reaching out to potential sellers, meeting potential sellers in community activities;
  • Listing properties;
  • Responding to potential buyers’ inquiries;
  • Matching requirements to listings;
  • Updates job knowledge by studying listings; visiting properties; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional and community organizations;
  • Review property listings, trade journals, and relevant literature, and attend conventions, seminars, and staff and association meetings to remain knowledgeable about the real estate market;
  • Showing properties to clients;
  • Presenting offers to sellers and buyers;
  • Intermediary in negotiations between sellers and buyers;
  • Property evaluations and appraisals;
  • Maintain existing and build new partnerships;
  • Develop networks of attorneys, mortgage lenders, and contractors to whom clients may be referred;
  • Engage with partners and promoters;
  • Organize, manage and execute on-the-field visits to properties and sites;
  • Managing legal assistance to ensure efficient closure of deals;
  • Involvement in the promotion of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services;
  • Develop content for sales presentations or other materials;
  • Managing the preparation of documents such as reservation contracts, representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases;
  • Coordinate property closings, overseeing the signing of documents and disbursement of funds;
  • Active daily use of CRM software and proposals for its improvement;
  • Review plans for new construction with clients, enumerating and recommending available options and features;
  • Supervise project management process;
  • Supervise assets management process;


If you feel that you are a fit and you can contribute to Tamea International then, get in touch with us, send your CV to 

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