Cais Do Sodré

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Where sailors disembarked after their journeys

If Belém was a point where sailors set off to their new discoveries, Cais de Sodré was where they set foot on the land of Portugal,  and that fact shaped the area all those centuries ago. Nowadays, Cais de Sodré has seen increasing and mindful transformation into one of the most hyped, eclectic, and lively areas of Lisbon, preserving the spirit of the time passed in small crafts shops, but also offering abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes, pubs, little shops, all scattered along the narrow streets often circulated by signature yellow trams. One of the most famous streets offering almost round the clock fun is Pink Street – where back in the days ladies used to wait for sailors after their long journeys out in the sea, ending up in one of the most popular bars in Lisbon today – Pensão de Amor. Another popular spot for tourists is Timeout Market – a huge indoor market offering a myriad of outlets of restaurants scattered all around Lisbon, as well as fresh green market produce. The promenade from Cais do Sodré, passing Ribeira das Naus, is indeed the perfect spot to admire the Tejo River views with the 25 de Abril Bridge and the Cristo Rei statue.

The mindful rejuvenation and restoration can be probably best seen here, in this part of Lisbon, making it very attractive for visitors and investors alike. Pombaline-style buildings have been preserved to give birth to fancy hotels, stylish clubs and restaurants adding to the vibrant atmosphere of this district, that turns into a trendy hot spot at nightfall. Rehabilitation has brought enjoyable riverfront spaces making the area particularly pleasant for residents.

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