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The urban ex-industrial hub

Next to the Tagus River and before reaching Parque das Nações, is the district of Beato, a district that, together with the neighbouring district of Marvila, is reinventing itself and becoming one of the most relevant districts of Lisbon.

Originally the Beato was an area of farms, palaces, agricultural fields and the grand Beato Convent, one of the most important Lisbon's heritage, which is now often used for various types of events. It also became, together with Marvila, an industrial area with factories of wine, matches or soap, but which in the 80s started to disappear. 

Beato never ceased to be a very traditional and parochial neighbourhood, but in recent years the many cultural and creative spaces, art galleries and co-working spaces have brought new life to the neighbourhood. Today, the neighbourhood has a new cool vibe full of new restaurants, modern cafes, alternative shops, decoration shops, antique shops and luxury residential developments. 

Beato is becoming one of the most innovative urban poles in Lisbon, mainly due to Creative Hub Beato, one of the largest international creative hubs, which has already captured some global companies. Along 3 hectares, 20 buildings are being transformed to receive entities in the areas of technology, innovation and creative industries.

Other ambitious projects have also helped to revitalise the area, such as a new optimised public hospital (Hospital Lisboa Oeste) or the Parque Ribeirinho do Oriente, a huge green space on the riverside.

With this revitalization of the district, Beato is increasingly being inhabited by young people but also by families looking for larger properties than they find in the centre of Lisbon. With train, buses and bicycle path, the area is easily accessible both by car and public transport and it is easy to walk along the riverside area.

Outside the traditional tourist circuit, the Beato is a neighbourhood full of opportunities for investment in rehabilitated buildings or new luxury real estate developments. 

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