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A majestic downtown hub of Lisbon

Grand squares, pedestrian streets, magnificent arches, Art Deco and neoclassical facades, bustling with roaming tourists and a myriad of great hotels, shops and commercial amenities – that is Baixa in a nutshell. This downtown part of the city stretches from the Square of Restauradores all the way toward the River Tejo, through the grid pattern of streets, bordered by Chiado on one and slopes of Alfama on the other side. Baixa is comfortably nestled “valley” between Lisbon’s several hills called colinas, making it a mandatory crossroad, especially if you are descending through Rua Augusta towards the grand Praça do Commércio.

Most of the city’s heart was destroyed in the 1755 earthquake, followed by the tsunami. The restoration of the downtown was entrusted to Marquis of Pombal, who introduced a never-seen-before city plan for the first time, featuring grid pattern layout, laying foundations for Baixa to become one of the most elegant and stylish parts of the city. Most of Baixa’s buildings are constructed in neoclassical style, including earliest examples of earthquake-resistant architecture. Some of the most exclusive and elegant buildings can be discovered here, offering lucrative property investment opportunities.

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